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Jim:  “Would it surprise you if I said we recently saved a client $16,000 per year by restructuring their loans?”

How does this happen you ask? Well not all loans are created equal….

Just say you go into a branch of a lender that you’re familiar with. The product they offer you will represent a tiny fraction of what’s available in the marketplace.

The other thing many people to do is go online and check out comparison sites for the lowest interest rates.

The problem with doing this is the lender’s policy is not explained and you may end up going with a lender that has a cheap product with no flexibility to meet your future goals; whether it be rapid debt reduction, equity release for investment or ability to get a construction loan for renovation.

And are you sure that you understand finance enough to not make mistakes by doing it yourself? An example of this is cross-securitisation, or even fixing loans when it’s not appropriate.

So, where do we fit in? Well, as a mortgage broker, I have access to dozens of different lenders providing a multitude of products to ensure that you get to make a good choice to meet your needs.

With bank branches either closing down or experiencing high staff turnover, you could find that it’s difficult to build a relationship with someone who cares enough or sticks around long enough to adequately service your specific mortgage requirements.

More importantly, as a mortgage broker, I have a legal obligation to act in your best interests when making a credit recommendation, whereas a lender you approach directly has no legal obligation to do so.

So, whether you need a home loan, a loan for your SMSF, a construction loan for a major renovation or even funds for a holiday or car, we aim to be with you for the long haul, offering solutions now and into the future as better products come onto the marketplace.

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