Retirement & Estate Planning

Retirement Planning

This is the time when you should be able to relax and do the things you couldn’t do before, because you were too busy working. These are YOUR wonderful years that should be enjoyed.

It may seem like a long way off but it’s never too early to start putting things in place to ensure that when it’s time to put your feet up you have enough money to make your own lifestyle choices.

Some even say that the golden rule of retirement is…keep working. That doesn’t mean you have to keep your existing job. You can do something less intensive like just a day or so a week, and it doesn’t need to be every week.

Retirees who continue doing some kind of part-time work are found to be the happiest and the least likely to suffer depression. Why not use the skills you’ve honed over your career to do some useful work?

Remember, you don’t want to rely on the age pension. With retirement planning in place you probably shouldn’t have to. The correct income strategies and tax structures should help to ensure this.

Estate Planning

After years of hard work, it makes a lot of sense to make sure your assets and money are protected and go where you want when you pass on.

A discussion around capital gains and death benefits tax is important to maximise the value of your estate.

This also needs to be arranged in a straightforward way to make sure that your intended family and loved ones receive the benefits which caters to their future needs, rather than former spouses or in-laws for example.

Other considerations are divorce, bankruptcy or even guarding against harmful tendencies like gambling and drug addiction.

Of course, one of the worst things that can happen is that no arrangements are put in place and the government gets all of your assets when you die.

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