Money Coaching

Do you feel like you’ve lost control, feel financially stuck or can’t identify and break bad money habits? Then this is the opportunity for you to turn things around.

Jane: “I used to think that a high income meant a high net worth. However, over the years I’ve observed that this is not true at all. So many people don’t have their spending under control, which means they end up looking good, but financially going nowhere”.

It’s not how much you earn, it’s how much you keep and save !!!!

It’s clear that most of us are working really hard for our money, so why don’t we get a little bit smarter about deciding on where it goes? Are you clear on how to fund your long and short-term goals?

Things like:

  • Overseas holidays
  • Paying off your home
  • Renovations
  • School fees
  • Business and investments

Our personalised Money Coaching program will keep you on track by unobtrusively monitoring your savings and spending, so that you have the best opportunity to achieve your long and short-term goals.

We offer this service in a supportive way, using the following process:

  1. Initial Chat – to discuss your needs.
  2. Goal Planning Session – so we can get on the same page and understand the things you want and where you want to be.
  3. Money Management and Goals Plan – this is where we set you up on your personalised cashflow system, where we can monitor your progress and provide regular reporting to ensure you stay on track. This can include quarterly calls and annual face to face meetings so that your lifestyle goals are met and you can get maximum leverage of our experience and knowledge.

We can also review your banking structures and debt reduction to maximise your savings and make sure every dollar is working as hard as possible for you.

Call us on 02 8203 4160 or contact us via the online form below to arrange a time to discuss your individual finances with an experienced InFocus money coach.